We have just over 350 students enrolled at ADTF, who paricipate in one or more of the following activities;

(1) Low Country Dance classes for beginners and intermediate

(2) Kandyan Dance classes for beginners and intermediate

(3) Bharatha Natyam classical Indian Dance classes for
beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

(4) Katak Classical Indian Dance classes for advanced

(5) Drama classes featuring both theory and practical tuition for
beginners and intermediate students.

(6) Yoga for adults based upon the Sivamanda method.

(7) Basic English language tuition for children 5-11 years and
young people aged 12-20 years.

(8) Basic Tamil language tuition for school children.

We also perform a number of workshops throughout the year providing motivational training and the development of leadership skills. From time to time we are able to arrange ad-hoc workshops by well known local performers and visiting artists from overseas, covering various activities related to the work of ADTF.


There is an annual membership fee of Rs1000/- per annum, however with many of the most popular classes available free of charge, this represents exceptional value in today’s world. To become a member of ADTF you need to visit our Administration Office in Arakavila, complete a simple application form and pay your membership fee of Rs1000/-. You will then be given a personal tour of the ADTF facilities and the opportunity to enrol in the classes of your choice.