Janaki and Peter decided to create a Foundation that initially would;

(1) Establish a centre of excellence in Sri Lanka for the performance and teaching of traditional classical dance and theatre.

(2) Provide young people living in the rural communities with the opportunity to learn and
perform traditional dance and theatre.

(3) Perform live shows to enable the students to demonstrate their talents and promote traditional dance and folklore to a wider audience.

(4) Run workshops from time to time by local and visiting specialists/artists on a range of subjects relevant to the teachings of the Foundation.

From the outset it was decided that the Foundation would be run on a non-profit basis,
completely funded by Peter and Janaki Hill, to provide students with tuition on a no cost,
or extremely low cost basis. Thus a Company was formed and registered under the GOSL Company Act as a non-profit making Foundation and registered with the Cultural Department.

The next step was to identify and acquire a suitable plot of land to accommodate the newly formed Arakavila Dance and Theatre Foundation – ADTF. Why was this name chosen, well firstly Arakavila was the birthplace of Janaki Hill and is a village set in the farming community of the Kalutura District, WP. Secondly, several of the instructors and assistants who helped run the successful Diriya Daruwo programme were also living in this area. They were to become the initial core of teachers at the Foundation.

We were fortunate to find an ideal location just off the main road running through the village, that was previously the site of a coconut oil factory and plantation. We purchased the plot of just over one acre which contained the disused factory and out buildings, residential bungalow and surrounding land. With the professional assistance of our Achitects, M/s Design Forum, they creatively transformed the former factory into a fully functioning dance academy and auditorium, that was officially opened in December 2009.