Since it is inception ADTF has been funded solely by Peter and Janaki Hill. This support has enabled the foundation to purchase the 2.5 acre plot of land in Arakavila, to establish it’s Headquarters. Comprising to date of;

  • Dance Academy and Auditorium.
  • Office and Management accomodation.
  • Staff accommodation and storage facilities.
  • Refreshment centre and gift shop.

The costs of running the foundation, covering such items as the upkeep of the premises, water and electricity charges, staff wages and instructor fees are approximately LKR 3 million per annum.
With around 350 students each paying LKR 1000/= annual membership fees and classes being provided free or at nominal charge, the annual deficit also has to be covered by the above funding.
If you would like to help, or know someone or an organisation that might be able to provide our foundation with financial assistance, either on a one-off basis or through regular donations please call +94(0) 725 350 279 Or visit our office in Arakavila. We would be most grateful for your support.